Install Virtual Private Network (VPN) software

What is VPN and do I need it?

For information security reasons, some of the systems and services provided by the district are not available directly from the Internet. In order to access these services from outside the District you need to have a software that creates a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This basically creates a secure tunnel between your computer and district network thereby ‘extending’ the district network to your location enabling you to access information securely. You only need VPN software if you need to access these services/systems:

  • Colleague

  • Will use softphone (answer phone calls on your computer)

  • Access to shared drives located at the college or district office

  • Onbase Imaging system

  • SQL Reporting services

If your device is district owned you may already have VPN installed, if not please contact your College IT help desk


  1. Good and stable connection to Internet (if there is any disruption your VPN connection will disconnect causing other system/services that you are using to disconnect as well)

  2. You MUST have the latest anti-virus software installed on your computer

  3. Computer must have been scanned by the anti-virus software within the last 7 days

  4. Your computer’s internal firewall must be turned ON (instructions)

Once you have all of the above then you may follow the instructions below to install


Install VPN software on home computer

Open a Google Chrome web browser and go to:

Login with your InSite Username and Password.

Based on your operating system, click on one of links as shown below.

To determine if you have Windows 32 bit or 64 bit, right click on the Windows Start button and then click on System.

Under Device specifications you will find System type.

After clicking on the appropriate link above, you will be asked to save the .msi file.

Next, navigate to where you downloaded the file and double click it.

When the dialogue box appears, continue to click Next until the software has been installed.

Once you have successfully installed the GlobalProtect software, click on the link below to learn how to connect.